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YouTube Music Awards 2013: i vincitori, Eminem artista dell'anno, Lady Gaga canta Dope (video)

Di Alberto Graziola @AlbertoGraziola

lunedì 4 novembre 2013

Scopri chi ha trionfato nella prima edizione di YouTube Awards 2013

Ecco i vincitori delle categorie presenti nella prima edizione dei YouTube Music Awards 2013. Ad avere la meglio Eminem come artista dell'anno mentre I Knwe You Were in Trouble di Taylor Swift ha vinto nella sezione YouTube Phenomenon. A fine post potete leggere chi ha trionfato e chi è stato sconfitto

Qui sotto, a seguire, alcuni video delle performance della serata, trasmessa in diretta streaming. Lady Gaga, al pianoforte, ha eseguito...

5 Today

Last month, Kendrick Lamar offered up a moving tribute to Tupac on the 19th anniversary of his death. Now, another one of hip-hop’s finest, Eminem, has penned his own letter remembering the West Coast legend.

As part of Paper magazine’s “Nowstalgia” issue, Eminem looked back on Tupac’s legendary career and how it impacted his very own early years growing up as a young MC in Detroit. With nothing but utter respect and awe, the “Lose Yourself” rapper especially highlighted Tupac’s versatility, willingness to test the boundaries of hip-hop, and his sheer ability to convey a range of...

20 1 day ago

It’s been 19 years since Tupac Shakur’s death, but his legacy lives on through today’s artists including Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. The Detroit rapper, who grew up idolizing Pac, has penned a touching tribute to the late great legend for Paper magazine’s October “Nowstalgia” issue.

In his letter, Em reflects on the first time he heard Pac on “I Get Around.” “I was 18 or 19 years old and I remember thinking, ‘Who is this?'” he wrote. “He stood out so much. Once I heard that, I got his first album, 2Pacalypse Now. I saw the video for...

22 2 days ago

Eminem has been making music for nearly two decades. Among his collection of radio hits, the songs "Love The Way You Lie" and "Not Afraid" made him the first artist to be twice-certified digital diamond.

Rolling Stone lists tracks that the casual Eminem listener probably doesn't know in its "20 Insanely Great Tracks Only Hardcore Fans Know."

Eminem released his first album, Infinite, in 1996. The project was not released commercially, but the title track is listed by the magazine as a standout cut from the Detroit rapper's catalogue.

"Virtually no one heard it at the time – it reportedly sold about...

30 3 days ago

Eminem has executive produced the soundtrack to Southpaw, director Antoine Fuqua’s new film starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a boxer and 50 Cent as his manager. Last week Eminem shared “Phenomenal”, one of four tracks he wrote for the soundtrack. Now, that song has a stunt-heavy, seven-minute video, which sees the rapper perform martial arts, fend off pursuants with a fish, and attempt to scope out John Malkovich in a mysterious spoken interlude. It’s available as an Apple Music exclusive–head there to watch it.

As well as “Phenomenal”, Eminem contributes two songs to the Southpaw soundtrack as part of Bad Meets...

41 3 days ago

Gün geçmiyor ki bir gariplik daha yaşanmasın. Billboard‘un haberine göre, 15 yaşındaki Kaliforniyalı genç, Instagram üzerinden Eminem‘in “I’m Back” şarkısından sözler paylaştıktan sonra terörist tehdit oluşturduğu gerekçesi ile gözaltına alındı. Pazartesi günü paylaştığı gönderinin sahibi gencin kanlı okul katliamı düzenleyeceğini düşünen Fresno polisi, Salı günü gerçekleşecek olan dersleri iptal ederek 15 yaşındaki genci tutukladı. Daha sonra evi aranan çocuğun evinden saklanmış halde birkaç silah, mühimmat ve kurşun geçirmez yelek çıktı. Tutuklanan çocuk ifadesinde bilgisayarının hacklendiğini ve gönderinin kendisine ait olmadığını söyledi. Bahsi geçen şarkı sözlerine aşağıdan ulaşabilirsiniz.“I take seven kids from Columbine, stand ’em all in a line, add an AK-47,...

46 6 days ago

(AllHipHop News) Many Hip Hop heads rejoiced when Royce da 5’9″ hooked up with DJ Premier for their joint 2014 album PRhyme. The critically acclaimed project could have a sequel on the way. Royce let his 250,000 Twitter followers know he wants to connect with some “real lyricists” for PRhyme Two. The Slaughterhouse member mentioned his Bad Meets Evil partner Eminem as well as Compton rappers The Game and Kendrick Lamar. A fan asked Royce who was the one artist that he has not worked with yet that he would like to have featured on the LP. The “Detroit Vs. Everybody” contributor replied by naming Mos...

3 12 days ago

Getty Image

It was clear from the very beginning that there was something special about Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem. With a rapid-fire, cinematic style that boasted razor-sharp barbs, very few knew what to make of the kid from Detroit when he first burst onto the scene, but almost everyone was in agreement that they wanted more. What made Eminem unique was not the fact that his skin color diverted from the status quo of the hip-hop scene, but rather that he eschewed rap customs and chose to skewer pop celebrities, his family, and even himself.

Through the years since his debut, Eminem...

38 15 days ago

Muhakkak ki herkes ya duşta ya da yolda yürürken bir Eminem şarkısını coverlamıştır. Hatırlarsınız ki Taylor Swift bile coverlamıştı. YouTube videolarından derlenmiş bu 13 cover yer yer gülmekten karnınızı ağrıtacak, yer yer sinirlendirecek, yer yer ise gaza getirip eşlik ettirecek.

62 26 days ago

Rockabye Baby! is a project that takes popular songs and reconstructs them as kid-friendly lullabies. The ironic appeal of it is not lost on co-creator Lisa Roth. Since 2006, she and her team have released over 60 albums, covering artists from The Clash to Nickelback and got a taste for the idea’s ironic appeal after the release of their first series, which included Radiohead, Metallica, and Coldplay. For their latest release, they’ve given an unlikely artist the lullaby treatment: Eminem.

But even though children will only...

79 About 1 month ago

Movie soundtracker and occasional album releaser Eminem is back spitting rapid-fire rhymes with “Kings Never Die” to accompany the release of the Jake Gyllenhaal boxing movie Southpaw. After the “Guts Over Fear” single appeared on Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer OST with professional face-hider Sia, Marshall has hooked up Gwen Stefani on the second of two singles from the rapper on the Southpaw soundtrack. No Doubt it’ll be a huge hit. The full album is due for release on July 24th, and will also feature tracks from The Weeknd, Bad Meets Evil, 50 Cent and Slaughterhouse.

Meanwhile, Eminem’s first single from the Southpaw...

151 About 1 month ago

Getty Image

The history of hip-hop is littered with chance relationships that spurred their members to greatness: Puffy and Biggie, Jay Z and Kanye West, Teddy Riley and Keith Sweat. But not all of rap’s important hook-ups have been positive.

In fact, the defining relationship of arguably the most important rapper of the last 15 years was also one of the most toxic celebrity relationships in recent memory, a relationship so passionate and twisted that it led to the creation of some of the most stomach-churningly violent music ever to capture the imagination of American listeners. I’m talking, of course,...

69 About 2 months ago